The Kitchen Pantry, where the center of the family universe resides. The Kitchen Pantry, where your day can be totally made or blown apart in a million pieces. The Kitchen Pantry, a mother’s worst nightmare or dream maker.

We all have one…..whether it be through various cupboards or a separate room with a door, and we all have a love/hate relationship with it. It’s where we go late night for a snack, it’s where we argue with our kids on what they can eat, it’s where we make or destroy tonight’s dinner, it’s where we hide from our families for one.deep.breath.


The Kitchen Pantry. Here’s a story about my dear friend Megan’s Pantry. She asked for my help because well, it was a mess. You see, Megan has 4 little boy mouths to feed, as well as her husband and herself. That’s A LOT of food!! Thankfully, their kitchen pantry is very spacious, which is a great problem to have, but can also spiral very quickly into a catch all mess of a room. She has a wonderful half-circle style pantry with nice wooden shelves floor to ceiling but the middle shelves run very deep and items can get easily lost. I was excited about this challenge and Megan jumped right into the deep end alongside me.





I always always say when tackling an organizational project that it will be much easier in the end, and much cleaner, to strip everything from it’s place and put in another room, truly it’s a non negotiable. You have to be able to SEE everything you are working with and my favorite part is that through this practice, you will also learn to purge- donate, throw away, sell, repurpose {my favorite}. Seeing everything that was once living in that Pantry helped us {ok help me} to visualize what we had to work with and how the puzzle fit back together. It’s also a perfect time for a quick deep clean of the shelves, floor, etc. The other wonderful benefit of this practice is getting rid of old & expired foods…and let me tell you, they can be hiding in plain sight! We filled up those garbage bags, made those sell/donate/take to another room piles, and started taking deep breathes of relief.






Once we got everything out of the pantry and wiped down the shelves and floor, we discussed where to put items.


She had specific ideas and concerns in relation to many items:

  • Snacks needed to be in easy reach of the kids so they could help themselves {I mean, with 4 hungry boys you have to make it easy on yourself}!
  • The Crockpot (& family recipe binder) had to be within reach as she uses it more often than not {smart girl right there}!
  • Onion & Potatoes had to have a home since she uses them all the time in her cooking {YUM}!

Once we discussed her needs/wants, we started to find like-minded products to group them together on various shelves. This is, in my opinion, the most important step. If you place like minded items together, you will make your {cooking} life infinitely easier, trust me!! You will also find that you won’t purchase duplicates because you will be able to see what items you already have on hand & your meal prep time will be much less stressful. But let me also say, I love myself a satisfying Costco run, I mean, who doesn’t right?! It’s fine and perfectly normal to stock up on items you run through quickly, just make sure you always keep said items all together so you know when your next run should be.


I always find it best to keep baking items up high as they can be messy and kids don’t need to have easy access to them. It’s also so much easier and cleaner to dump things like flours and sugars into containers so you aren’t messing with bags that can leap and cause a huge mess! Same goes for paper products such as paper towels & party supplies {f you have room and a desire to keep them in your pantry}. I also like to keep canned & boxed goods at eye level (for adults that is). These items can be heavy if they fall on kids and truly just another item younger kids don’t need access to.

Keeping your pantry floor clean is an absolute must! Unless you need a step stool for higher shelves or even a broom/small vacuum cleaner for quick kitchen messes, I like to keep the floors clear of any items at all. Trust me. You will love the way your pantry feels and you won’t have food messes to clean up every.single.moment.

My final tip is to repurpose, repurpose, repurpose! Megan had some gems in there that we reused in various forms. She had a lazy suzan from her kitchen table that they didn’t like anymore. We used it to keep sauces easy to see and reach. She had an old white wire shelf that we also used to stack and separate canned items. For everything else needed, we found some fabulous pieces at The Container Store, Amazon, and World Market. She ordered the items and once they arrived, I came back to help with a final ReOrg.









You see, it’s absolutely easy to spend a fortune on organizational products, I am a HUGE fan of clean & matching lines, but it’s also nice to cut down on costs and repurpose, or at the very least, use existing items temporarily until you find what you want/need or have a desire for a change take place.

The best piece of advice I can give is that every ReOrg Project is unique, to the space and to the person, thus every project will unfold in it’s own way. Functionality is key, you have to make it livable and manageable for YOU.


Thank you Megan for being a willing guinea pig! I so loved our ReOrg Project~

xo, Kimbra



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  1. Grandpa and Grandme Royce says:

    You are SO GOOD!

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