Is it just me or does everyone else also believe that life literally happens in the kitchen?! I swear, it’s the most used room in the house, more than the bedroom IMO, plus it’s the place were we eat, discuss the days’ events and recap at night. It’s were milk is {literally} spilled, and where crumbs on our feet is the norm, not the exception {especially with babies, toddlers, and husbands in tow}!

So when my dear friend Kristen asked me to help her organize her kitchen, I jumped at the chance to make this busy momma of 3 littles life a tad bit easier. After our initially discussion and walk through, we decided to tackle 2 projects to start with and go from there. Her choices? All the drawers, as well as the tupperware cabinet. I love this because the tupperware cabinet was almost like a separate project, with it’s own little nuances, and then each kitchen drawer presented different needs, which all needed different systems. It was a blast to purge and to put the pieces back together, one piece at a time.

As for the Tupperware cabinet, with 3 kids under 5 yrs old, plastics are a necessity, can I get an amen?! Between water bottles, travel coffee mugs, and the various sizes of Tupperware needed for leftovers, park lunches, etc that’s a whole lot going on in one small space! She also requested that we add in a space for her to move her plastic wrap/foil/ziploc bags from her already small and jam-packed pantry to this cabinet. Made perfect sense to me and as luck would have it, we were able to squeeze everything and I think it turned out really nice, plus it still provided room to grow- success!

The 8 kitchen drawers each presented it’s own unique challenge, and it was so much fun piecing the puzzles together. We were working with 2 “general” {aka junk} drawers, 2 spice drawers, 1 baking drawer, 1 beverage drawer, 1 cooking utensil/gadget drawer, and 1 cutlery drawer. There was a ton that Kristen purged {yay- my favorite part!}, and from there I got to measuring and then finding the best drawer organizers for her items.

I am a HUGE fab of using bamboo organizers in the kitchen, for many reasons really. First and foremost, did you know that they contain natural antibacterial qualities within their fibers, meaning they are antibacterial, anti-fungal, and have odor resistant qualities? Yea, I didn’t know either at first. Secondly, bamboo is easily renewable, meaning they are environmentally friendly, win win right there! I mean seriously, how do crumbs and dirt get into a clean space? Am I right?! Why when you put away clean utensils, are there random particles or dirt and food? I’m guessing from them falling into the drawers from the counter…..which kind of grosses me out, so at least by using bamboo, you are cutting down on the germs that can find their way onto your utensils…..ok OCD rant over.

As for the spices, since Kristen is using the drawer organizer system, and shallow ones at that, there isn’t the option of standing them up, nor can you stack them at all, but thankfully there are some amazing options that are cheap, and make the best use of space. Simple foam strips can be cut to your exact need, and keep items from slipping and moving around.

The “general” drawers and beverage drawers were the perfect place to use the amazing clear plastic drawer organizer systems. So easy to see everything, and a clean look- another win right there!!

So you’ve now seen {most of} the before shots….here are the after shots {I’m still working on my photography skills, thanks for your patience, lol!} along with the items purchased and where we found them. Happy ReOrganizing!

Ok so how great are these mDesign acrylic stackable wine racks?! They are a perfect solution to the pesky water bottle mess! We bought these great ones from Amazon. As for the {what feels like} millions of tiny tupperware containers for baby food, sauces, etc., the Linus large stacking organizer bin works great and is easy to access, also found on Amazon. So now you also may be wondering what to do with all those annoyingly different size and shape lids? Well, the InterDesign 3 compartment lid organizer on Amazon was the obvious choice, plus in getting the larger one, it provides her room to grow! As for the wraps and baggies, I used 2 systems- both found at The Container Store. The Kitchen Wrap Organizer works awesome for the rolls of wrap and foils, and the YouCopia Adjustable Wrap Organizer works awesome for all the different size baggies we all hoard.

The Container Store has these amazing clear plastic expandable drawer dividers that adjust to the length of your drawer and are the perfect solution to all the radon sized cooking utensils and gadgets we all struggle with storing. Works like a charm and if/when your needs change and grow, you can adjust accordingly without spending more!


Ok here are all these amazing bamboo drawer organizers I was raving about. You literally cannot go wrong with the Expandable Bamboo Cutlery Tray from The Container Store. Pair that with some additional various sized Stackable Bamboo Trays from, you guessed it, The Container Store, and you are all set! I love fitting them all together like a big ol’ puzzle, I am such a dork.

Here are the awesome YouCopia Spiceliners from The Container Store. I love love love the bendable foam nonskid genius that is the spice liner. Perfect for shallow drawers and you can mix and match them with more bamboo trays to help with odd sizes. Score!

The final shots- the “general” {aka junk} drawers. These required the ability to see everything, and the drawers are huge, so I went with the Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers from TCS. They have larger trays with multiple compartments, or you can mix and match the various sizes to create your own system. Either way it’s a win win!

Thanks Kristen for allowing me into such an intimate part of your home….the places you can hide with a simple bump of your hip!





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