For a long time now, well actually if I’m being honest, since I was a little girl, I’ve been know to my family & friends as the “organized one”….a nice way of saying I’m a tad OCD, lol! I’m fine with that though, it brings me peace in a world of chaos, especially now with kiddos creating daily tornados in my house, haha!

For the better part of, oh I’d say, 5 years, I have been toying with the idea of starting my own organizational business. I’m one of those really dorky people who find calm and joy out of an organized space. So…..after years of thinking and writing and talking about it, I’ve decided to take the plunge, so to speak! I’m tentatively calling my business “Organized Chaos”.

Thankfully I have some amazing friends, who are allowing me to practice on them, yay! Meet subject #1, my lovely friend Kirsten, who is oh so talented! She’s a hair, and really all around, styling wizard- my hair has never looked better, and we are constantly swapping clothes & fun makeup tips. She’s a gem this gal I have ;). However, where I have a gift of organizing, she admittedly, does not, God love her. She teases me relentlessly, but I know she’s been secretly waiting for me to organize her life, haha ;).

Recently I decided to tackle her master closet, nothing like jumping into the deep end of the pool right?! She wanted to accomplish a handful of issues, without spending an arm and a leg on a whole new system, such as California Closets or the Elfa System (The Container Store). Using her current closet’s design, we enhanced what she already had, utilizing a few of my favorite go-to items found on Amazon, of course :).

My plan:

To begin, I first took pictures of her current (dis)organized system, asked about what she liked & disliked, what worked and what didn’t, and finally, talked about ways that we could improve her system, using simple changes & key pieces to purchase. She had stuff everywhere- shoes in several places instead of grouped together, clothes strewn about, piles & hangers tangled & snagged….it was begging to be whipped into shape!

IMG_4566 - Version 2




Next, we went through each and every item and purged- my favorite part! We made piles for items to keep, those needing fixing to keep, give aways, sellable, and honestly, just trash. I could see with each passing pile that she was feeling lighter, her smile bigger, just by this simple task. What a relief!

After this, we started slowly putting items back in different places, sectioning them by style, color, frequency of use, etc. It looked so much cleaner, more streamlined, and easier to see each and every item. We took a picture of our mid-way point.





The final piece to complete the puzzle was purchasing some of my favorite go-to items on Amazon. I measured some areas and she ordered for delivery. I went back a week later and took the “final” pictures. She is loving her new system and I am loving helping a friend and feeling fulfilled- yay! A win win for us all :).





Do you have an area that needs help? Bedrooms closets, kitchen cupboards, pantry, mudroom, linen/hallway closets, storage room, even the garage! Let me know, I’d be happy to help!

Until next time, enjoy your own version of Organized Chaos~


PS- Thank you Kirsten being a trooper & for allowing us all into your closet, haha!



4 Responses to Master Closet Refresh!

  1. Kirsten Federau says:

    Oh Lordy it was scary! Thanks a million it was so much fun!! And you are right I am secretly waiting for you to organize my whole life…I’ll get there 😉

  2. Drew says:

    It was a big transformation but I have a concern… You haven’t started work on the other side of the closet????

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