I’m typing this as the kiddos take a nice little nap before more 4th of July festivities later on this afternoon and I have to say, I just love long holiday weekends, especially ones that don’t involve a ton of plans! That being said, we’ve kept super busy with our gorgeous sunny weather- impromptu cook outs, park time, early nights in, lots of quality family time, and relaxing in front of a Netlifx original. Nothing better in my opinion, nope, not for this momma. Am I right?! With all this fun stuff though, going in & out of the house can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with toddlers in tow who requires 5,000 things in order to go anywhere, ugh, and guess where it all happens…..yup, the mudroom. I have such a love/hate relationship with the mudroom. It can be so so so beautiful, until the husbands and kids enter to trash it, can I get an amen?!

This brings me to a recent ReOrg project I helped my dear friend Kiley out with. Her mudroom has amazing space, but can get super overwhelming in a blink of an eye. Between 2 parents who lead busy lives balancing it all, plus 2 kiddos in school and a new baby, the mudroom had become her arch nemesis. Instead of helping her get out the door quickly and bringing her peace upon entering, it was more like total chaos trying to find shoes and get ready and then upon re entering their home, it was a dumping ground for anything and everything.

The problem wasn’t a lack of space, but rather how to best utilize the space she had.

We needed to do a a few things:

  • Get everything out that was no longer needed in the mudroom;
  • Create a wall system to help with homework, mail, family appointments & fun outings;
  • Hang a floor length mirror to ensure everyone is dressed appropriately before leaving, lol;
  • Fill the empty cubbies above each individual “locker” with bins to help manage the stuff each family member required;
  • Change out a useless side table with a sturdy bench so that there was a place to sit and deal with shoes changes; & finally
  • Make it more aesthetically pleasing and more their taste.

After the initial walkthrough and talking about what she wanted to change, I made some measurements and started scouring my favorite stores to find the best pieces for her project. Between The Container Store, Target, Pottery Barn, and HomeGoods, we were able to completely re-do this uber important family space into something that didn’t stress them out and that they loved walking in & out of.

So here it is, I hope she doesn’t hate me but I just have to post a few “before pics” so that you can truly see the difference that was made.



not much personality, and definitely no organization!























a revamp that enables them to worry less and enjoy more!














I’m obsessed with the way their wall space came together- the galvanized wall organizational system from Pottery Barn along with a simple rustic wooden floor length mirror from Target {similar} really blend the farmhouse style of their house with their modern tastes. Pair that with this hard lined iron & wooden bench found at Home Goods & a modern navy rug from Target {that she can literally just throw in the washing machine} and her style really starts to come together!

The wire baskets from The Container Store fit perfectly into her cubbies and allow them to see whats inside yet still contain the mayhem. The bin clips from The Container Store help to keep everyone on the straight & narrow with using their own individual cubbies, instead of throwing whatever in any cubby that had room, haha!

I am obsessed with how this project turned out and so thankful for my friend and her openness to my dramatic ideas!





2 Responses to ReOrg Project: A Clean & Bright Mudroom

  1. Kirsten Federau says:

    Looks SO great! Fresh, clean, bright! Nice job my friend!

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