I love the personality of older houses, but sometimes the spaces don’t make sense. Does anyone else feel this way? This is when some major reno takes place, or you just work with what you’ve got until that demo day arrives! For some, this can seem overwhelming, but for me who lives for organizing, it can be so much fun- shopping for the products that fit just right…..it’s such a satisfying feeling! Or maybe I’m just a weirdo. Whatever, I’m comfortable in my neuroses.

I also appreciate, as I am sure you do too, when certain ReOrg projects don’t require a huge shopping and spending list! It’s amazing once you get all the items out of the space and see what you have to work with as far as donating, tossing, repurposing, just what will transfer over to the new space. It’s refreshing to use what you already have and just add a few minor purchases into the mix to make it all flow together.

My friend Lyndsay has just that kind of space. She has a beautiful home in a super fun part of town, but the builder didn’t utilize the space for the mudroom and extra storage room the way that Lyndsay would have envisioned….so she’s forced to use what she’s got! When she asked me to come over, it was great to see that she didn’t clean or tidy up at all for me, {hahaha}, enabling me to see exactly what her struggles are. Having said that, she did already have somewhat of a system down on the mudroom side of the room {or hallway really}. She’s got some organizational skills in her for sure- go girl!

Her goal was to have a space for the following:

  • “returns”~ you know like to friends, stores, mail, etc.
  • toys needing fixing
  • toys to exchange out in the car
  • space for her cat in the closet area
  • organizing her overflow items
  • cleaning out her drawers and cabinets
  • having a clean countertop to utilize.

We literally took everything out of the space and went through it all, piece by piece, until we had it all sorted into piles. After wiping down the surfaces and sweeping, we had a clean slate to organize, so much fun! I illustrated my vision to her and she liked what she heard so we got to work- putting like items together and really focusing on what would make her entry and exit to the house as easy as possible. I had Lyndsay purchase some great drawer organizing systems {thank you Linus brand} from The Container Store and after talking about what kind of bins she was looking for, she scored on a great wire bin to hold her overstock of snack foods from none other than Home Goods, total score! Other than that, we had so further purchases, simply repurposed items she already had on hand, I just love it when things come together like that.

So here it is, in pictures! Thank you Lyndsay, this was so much fun and I totally appreciate you rolling your sleeves up and getting after it alongside me!!





I’m loving this ReOrg Project, a more relaxing way to get on with your daily grind!





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