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Your “Nabers” are from the USA. Kimbra is originally from Seattle, WA & David is from Tempe, AZ…..we met while living in gorgeous San Diego, CA & then got moved to the midwest- specifically, Indianapolis, IN. We are now excited to be living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for David’s job! We originally started this blog with the thought of wanting to share our various travels with our friends & family, especially since we live far away from most of them. It’s now starting to evolve into so much more…..expat info, travel advice & reviews, personal struggles & successes- what a ride!

First and foremost, we want to let you all know that we have such an intense love for travel. We love experiencing new and exciting cultures, interacting with locals, cooking & learning new cuisine, going on wild adventures, (attempting) to learn the languages, all the while relaxing throughout the whole crazy ride! We love thinking about it, planning it, experiencing it, sharing it- really, we love everything about it!

We hope to open up the world to those who either cannot or do not want to travel. At some point, we want to inspire you to get our of your comfort zone and experience something new. After all, how can you appreciate what you have when you don’t know first-hand what else is out there? The world is an incredibly gorgeous place. Each corner of the world has their own unique quality and when you add it to your life, you begin to see just how majestic & amazing our beautiful world is….we are all a piece of the puzzle so play your role today!

One last note.

A great quote from Socrates that is widely used at Thunderbird (where David received his Masters in International Business Management) reads like this: “I am neither Greek nor Athenian, but a citizen of the world.”





6 Responses to About Us

  1. Kenny Chee says:

    Like your Blog . Easy to understand as in such simple language ,fit for Malaysian !
    We have three major races in Penisular Malaysia, Malay, Chinese & Indian plus Sik(Singh) in such combination of 60% 26% & 10% & 4% Others .
    East Malaysia i.e Sabah & Sarawak, total different group .
    Because of combination of M,C & I our Food choice is plenty ! Receipes wanderful ! Enjoy Malaysia cuisine !

  2. Hub Miller says:

    Looking forward to your advice. My family and I are moving to KL with two young kids…..that were born in Indianapolis by the way. Glad I stumbled on your page.

  3. Rodi says:

    Hi there Kimbra and David

    I found your blog on ExpatBlog.com who just added our blog even though we haven’t arrived in MY yet. My wife Diane and I are moving to Penang in the spring as early retirees when I turn age 50 (the fixed deposit requirement is double for younger applicants and it’s already very high)

    I recently started my blog ahead of the move and am currently scouring through as many expat blogs I can find in SE Asia and especially Malaysia looking for ideas, new followers, contacts and friends.
    We also lived in San Diego for only three months after 6 years in Canada; turns out it wasn’t for us. IT looks like you’ve traveled extensively and we hope to also but as young retirees I don’t know how much money we will have for expensive trips but we hope to get all over SE Asia anyway

    We look forward to reading many of your posts and I hope you check us out at http://www.experimentalexpats.com.

    Rob and Diane

    • intlnabers says:

      Hello Rob & Diane,

      It’s so nice to hear from you, I am sorry for my delay in responding- its been a very busy November already :). I want to wish you both the best of luck on your upcoming move to Malaysia!! What an exciting adventure you are about to embark on, one for the memory books for sure, plus you will have so much time to travel and explore with your retirement!
      Best of luck with your blog as well- its such a great creative outlet as well as a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends and family from back home.
      Please let me know if I can answer any questions!


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