Kimbra’s Picks- Having a baby in KL!

I’m focusing on maternity and preparing for baby here, though I’ll share my “baby favorites” too on  a separate page :).

 My top Groups to Join

IBU Family Resource Group

~ A perfect way to get connected to other moms-to-be throughout KL. A MUST group to join (they also have a FB page)

KL Mom Swap & Shop

~ A wonderful FB group that posts items for buying & selling- preloved & new.

Fit for 2

~ A fabulous place to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy as well as meet other moms-to-be (also join their FB group)

My Favorite Services

Pantai Hospital

~ I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience at Pantai thus far. My OBGYN Dr. Paul Ng is amazing & the nurses, staff, and facilities are top notch!

Jenlia Maternal Services

~ Offers terrific antenatal classes, both group & private session available….and more!

Hampden Wellness

~ Another great spot for antenatal classes…they also offer information on baby massages & lactation.

The London Orchid

~ Located in Bukit Damansara, Leagha offers a fantastic mum-to-be 90 minute massage & facial combo. Amazing!

One Osteo- Osteopathy Clinic 

~ Located in Sri Hartamas at Plaza Damas, Nicolas & Florian saved my 3rd trimester when my back went out & I had extreme sciatic damage. They are miracle workers!!!

Hands Osteopathy/Acupuncture

~ Located in Bukit Damansara, Kirsten is very skilled & educated at Acupuncture for use throughout your pregnancy for a multitude of ailments. Side note- she also assists with infertility & postnatal acupuncture care.

Fit for 2

~ Located in Bangsar Village II, FF2 offers prenatal yoga, pilates, fitball, toning & stretching, as well as a great place to grab some coffee & food over a chat with over expectant mums.


~ Located in Bangsar Village, reflexology is great for relaxing in your final couple weeks of pregnancy as well as for getting labor started!

Chloe Lodge Photography

~ Chloe has been an amazing photographer to work with for my maternity shots. She will also be doing my birth story & newborn photos. I am sad to say that she is leaving KL as of the end of July 2013 for Dubai. Look her up if you are in Dubai!

My Favorite Maternity Shops


~ Located in KLCC within the Lot 10 shopping center. The maternity section is somewhat small (in comparison to those in the UK and the states) but still has some nice basics as well as a few nursing tops/bras.


~ I’ve seen the best selection of maternity wear at the Mid Valley Mega Mall location. Some super cute trendy pieces at a great price, especially for Malaysia!


~ Although this shop can be a bit pricey, they’ve got a great corner at the Bangsar Shopping Center location for both maternity as well as nursing wear. From cute & stylish dresses to tops & bottoms to bras & undies, they will most likely carry what you need.

 9 months Maternity

~ I’ve bought some maternity pi’s here but was also given some hand me downs from here also. If you are western, be prepared to buy XL sizes- LOL. I’ve visited the one at The Curve mall.

Mum over the moon

~ An adorable shop in Publika mall, it carries both locally made maternity clothes as well as some baby items & clothes. Their linen maternity pants are super comfy!!


~ Their location at Bangsar Shopping Center is very nice and carries both maternity wear & baby wear. Super cute.

The Baby Loft

~ A great place to find basic maternity items, lotions & potions, as well as nursing bras & tops.


~ Located in Bangsar Village I, this shop carries both maternity & baby items. The maternity items I’ve found of use are their products: like lotions, teas, oils, and body pillows (THE best ones!).

Spring Maternity

~ Located in Bangsar Village II, this shops carries both maternity & nursing wear, though again if you are western, sizing can be tough.

My Favorite “Preparing for Baby” Gear Shops

Twins Baby

~ With multiple locations throughout Malaysia, it’s a wonderful place to buy baby furniture as they are manufactures themselves who sell here in Malaysia as well as to various countries around the world. They have different cribs/cots according to the country’s codes & regulations who purchase them for retail. We totally scored here!


~ Located at The Curve, I think we’ve all heard of IKEA. They have great bookcases, baby bedding, and more. You can never get enough decorating idea at a great price when in IKEA.


~ Lcoate din Bangsar Village I, it’s the only place I have found in KL that sells gliders. They also sell cribs/cots, strollers/prams, breastpumps, and tons more!

First Few Years

~ Located at The Curve, A great store for pack-n-plays, car seats, bottles, chew toys, and safety items.

The Baby Loft

~ Located at Publika mall, they have a great selection of natural products for baby prep.

Hide & Sleep

~ Located at Publika, it’s a toddler & children’s furniture shop but they also have a select number of cribs, dressers, bookcases, and changing tables.


~ I love the one in Bangsar Shopping Center as it carries tons of pack-n-plays, newborn necessities, adorable moses baskets, and more!

Toys R Us / Babies R Us

~ The one at Mid Valley Megamall carries the biggest selection of baby items direct from the USA.

The Batik Boutique

~ A fabulous company with a great vision. They sell tons of handmade batik products, but specifically for baby, they make a great “hooter hider” as well as unique baby slings!

Tiny Tapir Eco Shop

~ Located in Bangsar Village II, this is your shop for baby carriers & cloth diapers!


Well, that’s my list of “Kimbra’s Picks“…for now :). Enjoy exploring & happy pregnancies to you all!!


7 Responses to Kimbra’s Picks- Having a baby in KL!

  1. miniG says:

    Hi there,

    Stumbled across your blog while searching online for maternity clothes in KL. Enjoyed reading about your adventures as an expat in KL. Anyway you mention in the post above Twins Baby as a good place to get cribs/cots. I was wondering where this store is located? The link sends me to a ‘coming soon’ page.

    Many thanks.

    • intlnabers says:

      Hello! So happy you found me in cyberland :). Twins Baby has several locations and I am not sure where you live but I should tell you- it is not for maternity clothes, but furniture and baby items. Is this what you meant? I would google their name and you will then get their website and their many locations throughout Malaysia! Best of luck:)

  2. Egle says:


    Thank you so much for your list, it’s been a huge help for me when trying figure out what are the best shops for maternity and baby stuff in KL. As a previous commenter I also couldn’t find Twins Baby shop when I googled the name. I would really appreciate if you could help me with it.

    Many thanks,

    • intlnabers says:

      I’m so glad you are finding it useful!! I am not sure what to say about the Twins Baby Shop as I can also no longer find it. Maybe try another google search to see if you can find a main number and find specific locations from there? Best of luck :)!

      • miniG says:

        Hi… Jst wanted to say I managed to find the shop! It’s in Puchong, in between IOI mall and Tesco. I think I found it by googling. Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll try to see if I can locate the address.

        P.s. It does indeed have very many options for cots.

  3. Chris says:

    Hi, this is a great website for mother tips in KL! Just wondering if you came across any other newborn photographers that you would recommend? Or perhaps know where I can go to find one? I’m looking more for a studio environment with cute art photos for newborns. Any advice you have will be great!

    Thank you,

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