Travel Websites

Here is a list of some our favorite travel websites…..its constantly evolving so please check back from time to time!

  • Award Wallet– a fabulous place to keep track of all your loyalty programs & point status!!
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)– this is a wonderful way to keep informed on vaccinations, etc while traveling or moving abroad. Geared for the US citizens but I think applies to anyone really.
  • Expedia– a great site to check on flight, hotel, and car costs & availability.
  • Hotwire– discounted travel site!
  •– discounted travel site!
  • Kayak– an awesome way to browse all airline flight availability and prices.
  • Priceline– name your price- LOVE this!!
  • SeatGuru– a great site that allows you to look at a specific model or a plane to figure out where the good (and bad) seats are within the classes).
  • Smart Travelers Enrollment Program (STEP)– Please do this if you are a US Citizen….great way to be registered in the event something bad happens abroad.
  • State Department of Travel– another great US government site with all sorts of information to assist you while traveling abroad.
  • TripAdvisor– I cannot say enough great things about this site- love how its successful due to travelers own reviews on hotels, flights, excursions, etc….awesome!
  • Visa HQ– If you are traveling or moving outside of the US and are not already set up with a law firm specializing in this, VIsa HQ helps you navigate various country requirements for US Citizens.
  •– A discount hotel reservation sight for around the world, yet its most popular, reliable, and cost effective throughout Asia.

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