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  1. Dan Herrmann says:

    HI Kimbra,
    Cathie Demitropoulos gave me your website. Thought I’d say hi as I’m your humble replacement. I’ve been a wholesaler in the benefits and PC business with major carriers for awhile. Have 3 boys with college diplomas and jobs so life is good.

    Just wanted to tell you how your brokers miss you. If I hear about your candy and cookie deliveries, and perfect elogance and style….. I can’t measure up. I use to give PEZ , as a joke, but now maybe I’ll bring FRANGO Mints. Being a little bald and “experienced” doesn’t help. Anyway I’ll Linkedin you and keep you in touch with what’s happening. I really want to thank you for the hard work and professionalism you exhibited with our territory. It makes my job soooo much easier. I always tell the brokers you send your best.
    best and happy traveling.
    Dan Herrmann

  2. nick says:

    Hi Kimbra….

    i’ve just tried to send you a message, but your blog keeps thinking it’s fake. So i tried via facebook, but that might be seen as (S P A M) too because we’re not friends.

    My best friend and his wife are moving to KL very soon, and I’m looking for some advice/suggestions.

    my email is

    I would be in your debt if you could spare a moment to respond so i can share the whole story.


    nick 🙂

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